Some of Our Recent Residential Projects

Hvac design

HVAC Design For New 6,700 Sqft House

Hillholm Rd., Toronto, ON
HVAC design with four furnace/AC systems includes
garage exhaust system with make-up air unit &
duct heater, exhaust fan & co sensor.

Residential Hvac design toronto

HVAC Design For New 7,000 Sqft House

Sandringham Dr.,Toronto, ON
Complete HVAC design with furnace/AC &
multi zones floor heating & snow melting systems.
Includes boiler/heat exchanger/pumps/expansion tank and etc.


HVAC Design For New 5,500 Sqft House

Forest Hill Rd.,Toronto, ON
HVAC design system for 3 story single dwelling house
with furnace/AC system & garage exhaust system with
make-up air/exhaust fan & co sensor system.